The development of scoliosis

The main risk of scoliosis is posed by its progression. The real causes of the scoliosis are usually unknown, and it is possible that after a certain amount of time they have even ceased to exist. But as soon as the deformation has become manifest, its progression is associated with the influence of biomechanical forces.

At certain times scoliosis progression is more rapid. A considerable deformation can appear within the space of a few months. Several factors are known, which lead to rapid progression, therefore special attention has to be given.

If the child has been diagnosed with scoliosis and an x-ray evaluation has been made, it is important to start the treatment. In addition to spinal deformation  scoliosis can cause other complications such as respiratory problems, a negative influence on heart function, and, if the scoliosis is severe, also neurologic problems. However, the greatest impingement scoliosis has on the patient’s quality of life seems to be related more to cosmetic and psychological aspects.

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