Scoliosis treatment requires the involvement of several different types of specialists who must work as a team. Physiotherapists who teach scoliosis-specific exercise – for example, according to the Schroth Method – are indespensible. In Latvia there are more than 50 certified  Schroth therapists, who have participated in a 70-80 hour course (held in Latvia or Germany) and have passed an examination with a representative of the Schroth Clinic. These therapists are part of the Schroth network of patient management and may consult the specialists of the Schroth Clinic when necessary.

Part of this team of specialists is a Certified Prothetist & Orthotist who is also certified from BUFA (Bundesfachschule fur Orthopadie-Technik)  to apply the Rigo System Cheneau type of brace construction for scoliosis correction.  The possiblity of consulting Dr.Rigo about patient curve patterns and appropriate brace-type is given, after having attended Prof.Rigo’s course.

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