The Schroth Method

The Schroth Method is a type of scoliosis-specific physiotherapy, which also provides the information and skills necessary  to enable a patient to control his posture his entire life.

Figure on the left: a) Adolescent girl with a thoracic scoliosis stands in a habitual posture; b) Adolescent girl stands, after having corrected the main curve; c) Adolescent girl sits in a habitual posture; d) Adolescent girl sitting, after having corrected the main curve.

The German-based Katharina Schroth Method  with its scoliosis intensive rehabilitation center in Bad Sobernheim,  Southwest Germany has accumulated more than 80 years of treatment experience. (Asklepios Katharina -Schroth Klinik Bad Sobernheim)

In scoliosis treatment with the Schroth Method the patient

  • - learns to reduce spinal deformities;
  • - trains in strengthening the postural muscles which uphold these corrections;
  • -learns corrective breathing patterns which open up the concave areas of the trunk and renew rib mobility in these areas;
  • -learns which postures increase scoliotic deformity and which postures reduce scoliosis;
  • - learns exercises that reduce asymmetrical  loading of the spine.


This knowledge and these skills can be acquired in both individual and group lessons with a certified Schroth Therapist or in an in-patient setting at the Schroth Clinic. Certified Schroth Therapists will work with the patient as long as is required to gain understanding of the corrections and the skills necessary to perform them, and will also help the patient  integrate these into activities of daily living. Each patient gets a personal, curve-specific, 20-30 minute home exercise program. Patients continue to come for periodic control check-ups to monitor scoliosis development or to „brush up” on their correction techniques. Regular check-ups are recommended for patients during the growing period as well as patients who wear  a corrective brace.


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